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datadelivery: A Data Exploration Toolkit


datadelivery is an open source Terraform module that provides an infrastructure toolkit to be deployed in any AWS account in order to help users to explore analytics services like Athena, Glue, EMR, Redshift and others. It does that by uploading and cataloging public datasets that can be used for multiple purposes, either to create jobs or just to query data using AWS services.

  • Have you ever wanted to have a bunch of datasets to explore in AWS?
  • Have you ever wanted to take public data and start building an ETL process?
  • Have you ever wanted to go deep into the Data Mesh architecture with SoR, SoT and Spec layers?

🚛 Try datadelivery!



  • 🚀 A pocket and disposable AWS environment
  • 🪣 Automatic creation of S3 buckets using the SoR, SoT and Spec storage layers approach
  • 🤖 Automatic data cataloging process using a scheduled Glue Crawler
  • 🎲 Provides different dataset tables ready to be explored in any AWS analytics service
  • 🔦 Destroy everything and recreate all again at a touch of a single command

How Does it Work?

When users call the datadelivery Terraform module, the following operations are performed:

  1. Five different buckets are created in the target AWS account
  2. The content of data/ folder at the source module are uploaded to the SoR bucket
  3. An IAM role is created with enough permissions to run a Glue Crawler
  4. A Glue Crawler is created with a S3 target pointing to the SoR bucket
  5. A cron expression is configured to trigger the Glue Crawler 2 minutes after finishing the infrastructure deployment
  6. All files from SoR bucket (previously on data/ folder) are cataloged as new tables on Data Catalog
  7. A preconfigured Athena workgroup is created in order to enable users to run queries

Combining Solutions

The datadelivery Terraform module isn't alone. There are other complementary open source solutions that can be put together to enable the full power of learning analytics on AWS. Check it out if you think they could be useful for you!

A diagram showing how its possible to use other solutions like datadelivery, terraglue and sparksnake

Read the Docs

  • Do you like stories? If you do, you should check the Project Story page
  • The Quickstart page provides a step by step guide on how to start using datadelivery
  • The Variables section helps users to understand all available module variables
  • In the Architecture page you will see details of all AWS infrastructure provided